Why Aquari

Volume, Variety & Velocity

The "3V's" of Data Come Into Sharp Focus 
When You Consider These Facts.


90% of the data in the world was created in the last two years.


Unstructured data is growing by 50% each year.


Data center capacity requirements 
double every two years.

How Aquari Can Help

Faced with this accelerating, never-ending data deluge, conventional storage strategies simply break down:

  • Migrating to new systems every two or three years is expensive, disruptive and, ultimately, unsustainable
  • Building independent storage silos for each type of application is inefficient and costly to manage.

That’s why we’re disrupting the status quo responsible for this broken approach with Aquari scale-out storage.

At Aquari, “open, flexible and scalable” aren’t just buzzwords. We eat, drink and sleep these concepts in pursuit of the future of storage.

Open Platform

Open source technologies like Ceph® that we’ve made enterprise-ready.


An intolerance of system downtime, which is why we’ve perfected a self-healing architecture and a simple expansion capability.


The need to scale-out storage capacity and performance incrementally to accommodate changing business needs.

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No Single Point of Failure

The application of real-time computing concepts to large scale storage systems – which is necessary precision for the reliable operation of massive scale clusters.

No Forklift Upgrades

Eliminate forklift, rip and replace strategies – for good.


The imperative to streamline 
storage administration and slash OPEX overhead.