Whistleblower Hotline

Our collective mission at Concurrent is to maximize the value of our shareholders’ investment in the Company while maintaining our core values, which are embodied generally under the following principles:

  • We conduct our business in a socially responsible manner within the letter and spirit of both the law and our Code;
  • We recognize that our employees are our greatest strength.  The quality of our employees differentiates us and personifies our leadership position;
  • We treat our business partners, customers, consumers and employees, and the general public with respect and dignity;
  • We take very seriously our reputation for honest and ethical business dealings around the world; and
  • We seek customers, consumers and business partners whose ethical standards mirror our own and decline to do business with unethical entities and individuals.

Concurrent has made this Whistleblower Hotline available for reports of unethical or illegal actions, or actions that otherwise violate our Business Code of Ethics and Compliance Policies.

Reporting a Complaint


For anonymous reporting Concurrent has established a hotline through an independent third-party.  A transcript of your report will be provided to a representative of the Board of Directors’ Audit Committee for immediate action.  Unless you choose to identify yourself, your report will remain completely anonymous.  You can report your concerns via any of the following methods.

  • Toll-Free Telephone:
    • English speaking USA and Canada: (844) 330-0004 (not available from Mexico)
    • Spanish speaking North America: (800) 216-1288 (from Mexico user must dial 001-800-216-1288)
    • Employees outside of North America: (800) 603-2869 (must dial country access code first click here for access codes and dialing instructions)
  • Website:
  • E-mail: (must include our company name with report)


If you would like to identify yourself in a report and choose not to use the hotline, please contact Concurrent’s General Counsel directly:

  • Davina Furnish
  • Phone:  678-258-4089
  • Email:

Standard Mail:

Davina Furnish, General Counsel

Concurrent Computer Corporation

4375 River Green Parkway, Suite 100

Duluth, GA  30096

Conflict Minerals Policy Statement


Conflict Minerals Policy Statement of Concurrent Computer Corporation

As a global integrated solutions provider, Concurrent procures the hardware components of its solutions from a wide variety of suppliers.

Concurrent recognizes that many of our customers are subject to the 2010 Dodd-Frank Act regarding the use of Conflict Minerals and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Rules implementing its disclosure requirements.   Concurrent understands the importance of this issue to its customers and is committed to supporting their efforts in the traceability and transparency of the supply chain.  As such, we have adopted a formal process and completed an exhaustive screening of our supply chain.  Concurrent has collected and evaluated responsive information from over 70% of our suppliers.

Concurrent does not directly purchase Conflict Minerals from any source and to the extent that components of our integrated solutions may include products that contain Conflict Minerals, Concurrent is committed to this disclosure process in order to maintain transparency regarding the origin and traceability of Conflict Minerals contained in these products.  As a result of the information gathered in this process, Concurrent cannot certify that the hardware components sold as part of our integrated solutions products are ‘DRC conflict free.’

Concurrent will regularly update this Conflict Minerals Policy Statement.

Should you have any questions about Concurrent’s Conflict Minerals Policy Statement, please submit them to

March 19, 2015